Why you need a Security Operations Center (SOC) on Your Side?

A security operations center (SOC) is a centralized hub or command center that augments your overall IT & data security defense posture by harnessing the collective power of technology, processes, and people to aggregate, analyze, support, and manage the multiple security measures in place to protect your organization.

Business Benefits from Managed SOC

24×7 Detection & Response

Advanced Security for Microsoft 365 & Azure AD

Enhanced Visibility into Email Threats

Real-time Threat Hunting and Investigations

Monitor & Track Firewall Logs

Detect Suspicious Tools & Programs

DNS Filter Monitoring

Cyber Terrorist Network Connections

Crypto Mining Detection

managed soc

What’s included in Managed SOC?


✔️ Proactive & Preventative Security Management
Improved Security Posture & Effectiveness of Security Tools/Strategies

✔️ 24×7 x 365 SOC Cover/Support
(USA: Texas) (Q2-2021: Canada, UK, Germany)

✔️ Overcome IT Skills & Resource Gaps
Leverage Veteran IT & Cybersecurity Specialist and Analysts

✔️ Increased Threat Awareness & Risk Mitigation
Real-time trending and expanded data analytics

✔️ Critical Documentation & Recordkeeping for:
Event Log & Activity Tracking and Incident / Notification Records

Solutions Designed for the Unique Needs of YOUR Organization

Pricing Plans

Network Security & Monitoring Services (NMS)

720 + VAT + 96 per user (all per year)

Security Operation Center (SOC)

920 + VAT + 96 per user (all per year)


1700 + VAT + 170 per user (all per year)

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