What is an IT Security Audit?

A security audit is a high-level explanation of the various methods in which businesses may test and analyze their overall security posture, which includes cybersecurity. To obtain your desired outcomes and satisfy your business objectives, you may use more than one form of a security audit.

An IT security audit is a comprehensive examination of an organization’s IT security procedures, both physical and non-physical (software), that might lead to its breach if hackers exploit them.

Business Benefits from an IT Security Audit

Prevent Loosing Market Share


Security audits will save your company money by identifying more efficient ways to safeguard your information systems and reducing waste of resources on inefficient or obsolete procedures.

Compy with regulations

Regulation Compliance

Organizations that do not comply with privacy regulations may be subjected to enforced compliance agreements or even litigation. Your company may stay ahead of these possible concerns by conducting an information security audit — before they become full-fledged non-compliance issues or data leaks!

Risk Management by Eyetech

Identifies Vulnerable Points

An on-site audit could focus on doing tests on network vulnerabilities, operating systems, security policies, and security applications.

Security Audit by Eyetech

Becoming Your IT Security Auditor


IT security audit services from Eyetech help companies identify their major security risks and how well they’re managing and controlling them. Our experts can help you understand the dangers of today’s increasingly sophisticated technology.

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