Creating An Efficient IT Environment For You

We provide you with a wide range of tools that will help you to improve your work efficiency. From cloud based solutions to real time server monitoring, we provide the right IT tools that will create the right IT environment for you and your work.

What Can Corporate Solutions Do For You?

IT corporate solutions exists to provide key benefits to the work environment at a personal and organisational level. Different solutions exist to give a variety of benefits that include mobility, monitoring, marketing, wi-fi connections and cloud hosting.
That is why, at Eyetech we help companies identify, acquire, impllement and improve the corporate solutions they need. Being your IT support partner, we do not build these products. We use third party solutions and thus are free to guide you to those products that work for you.

      Comparing With Other Structures

    • Support When You Need It80%
    • Flexibility100%
    • Resolution Speed80%
    • Time To Accomplish Projects100%

Why Choose Eyetech?

Eyetech has been providing IT services to a number of clients, both large and small, since 1995 where we pride ourselves with our motto; “WE MANAGE I.T." Whatever your requirements in the world of IT are, rest assured that we at Eyetech can do it expertly and cost effectively.
We are a team of 20 people with years of hands-on experience in all the various aspects of Information Technology and how it should be integrated into business. Our team has been awarded with the Microsoft Gold Partner and ISO 9001 certifications, which are a testament to our philosophy of putting the client's needs first.

How We Do It

  • Focus On Client Relationship
  • Understand Your Specific Needs
  • Provide Tailored Solutions
  • Communicate at Every Step
  • Provide The Best Tools On The Market.

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